The Way Out
The Way Out began as an idea of being in the darkness. The goal is to promote and give recognition to anyone who is actively chasing their passion to manifest better for themselves. We wanted to give them a platform to discuss issues they have faced, how they overcame depression, wanting to give up, and how their passion fuels them. We came up with the idea while we were both still in college and unsure of why we were even there or where we were headed. We knew we wanted better for ourselves than just graduating college and moving on to working the typical 9 to 5. We wanted to create something where people could use their emotion and create. Thus, The Way Out was birthed and became a platform for creatives, entrepreneurs, and anyone with a dream bigger than their circumstance or the norm. What we have noticed over the 2 years since The Way Out launched in May 2017, is The Way Out became more than what we hoped. It became that emotion you feel when you get out of a bad situation. It became that breath you take when you get the courage to jump out of your comfort zone. The Way Out is that light at the end of a dark tunnel, The Way Out is hope. We have interviewed local artists, fashion moguls, videographers, MC's, etc The list goes on. What we hope is for The Way Out to not only be a huge platform of a talk show were creatives can come and be themselves genuinely and raw but also a mindset you use to accomplish the life you deserve to live. Please we want to hear from you, interact, and create. One thing we always want everyone to ask themselves is what are you doing to turn a way out.. into your way out.. Into The Way Out ?

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